CoolVest | How heat humidity can affect your performance and how new tech can help

As the world warms, sports players and people working in active professions are being forced to contend with the detrimental effects heat and humidity can have on the body. Miners or those working in fire and rescue services, for example, are increasingly required to be on their best game whilst battling against the adverse physiological effects of overheating and dehydration. Here we’ll look at the effects of hotter temperatures and how CoolVest might be the perfect solution to increase performance.

What are the effects of heat and humidity on performance?

High levels of heat and humidity have the potential to adversely affect an active person by increasing their core body temperature and subsequently cause increased levels of dehydration.

An increased body temperature (also known as hyperthermia), can detrimentally affect muscle endurance. This can make exercising or working for extended periods of time very difficult.

Elevated core temperatures can also alter the way in which the body produces energy, shifting from aerobic to anaerobic processes. This means that energy stored in the muscles is consumed much more quickly and fatigue is likely to follow. The time your body needs to recover from these exertions is extended if its core temperature remains high.

Finally, raised core temperatures can also cause blood to pool in a person’s limbs, restricting blood flow to the heart. This means that the muscles will not receive as much oxygenated blood as they usually would and a person’s strength will be affected.

The effects of dehydration now come into play and tend to be noticed less quickly by athletes and manual workers. This becomes an issue as fluid and sodium replacement is critical in preventing some of the detrimental effects of dehydration including:

  • A decrease in VO2 max (in other words, the maximum rate at which the lungs, heart, and muscles can effectively utilise oxygen whilst working out)
  • A decrease in the amount of blood the heart is able to pump to the muscles
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Confusion and decreased cognitive capacities

For people working in high-intensity jobs that require critical thinking skills (such as firefighters, for example), these problems can seriously impact their ability to perform their role and make key decisions where lives are at stake.

What can be done to combat the effects of heat and humidity?

There are some simple ways in which people can protect themselves during exercise or extensive labour in a hot climate. These include, for example, drinking water regularly to replace lost fluids and wearing light clothing if and where possible.

In situations where heavy protective clothing is necessary, or when performance is likely to be impacted by the heat, a cooling vest such as Weartek’s CoolVest offers unrivalled core temperature management without condensation or decreased comfortability. CoolVest calls upon industry-leading, vegetable-based technology to provide a constant and consistent source of cooling, with five pre-set activated temperatures available. Whether you are looking to stay cool and hydrated in between halves on the football field, stay cool, calm and collected in fire and rescue ops, Weartek’s CoolVest will ensure that you stay alert and on top of your game at all times.

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